Monday, December 9, 2013

BREAKING: Medical Examiner

#OpJustice4Savannah #DeadlyDayCare Medical Examiner's autopsy report report is now complete and available to the public. You must call the ME office and request a form, pay a fee and it can be mailed to you.Manner of Death: Homicide

Cause of Death:

1. Multiple Traumatic Injuries
2. Acute Methamphetamine and Diphenhydramine exposure
3. Dehydration

Today's hearing was vacated due to Grand Jury Indictment of Ryan Reed on December 6, 2013 where he was charged with the following:

F2 - Sexual conduct with a Minor
F4 - Child Abuse

Defendant has been notified of the charges and has had his NG arraignment.

There is a Supervening Grand Jury Indictment now pending and is expected to be complete within the next 14 days to include Allison Clement.

New Prosecutor: Frankie Grimmsman (was 1st prosecutor on old case - she got transferred to sex crimes division mid-case which led to her transferring old case to M. Gilla). Grimmsman is very familiar with case background and will likely be assigned as permanent Prosecutor.

NOTE: Current Indictment is Temporary in order to hold him un-bondable. More severe charges pending Conference with lab techs, ME, Investigators and experts this Thursday. Murder 1 is likely with life w/out parole. (Family is OK with that).

With the Medical Examiner Report now complete, once Supervening Indictment is handed down in the next 2 weeks, there will be no known reason to delay trial outside of normal expected Motions by the Defense. By default, the case will be classified as COMPLEX with a 270 Trial Deadline from date of initial arraignment. The trial will likely begin in half that time, as all evidence needed to secure conviction is now complete.

The Cross family would like to thank The Phoenix Police Homicide Division, CPS Offices of Julie Favilla and Dr. Kathy Coffman, The First Responders that initially cared for Savannah, my #CraigyFerg pals here on Twitter, the old schoolmates who have been and continue to be verbally supportive of our family during this difficult time and last, but certainly not least of all, the generous activism of the collective known as#Anonymous who have been dedicated to #Justice4Savannah through their #OpJustice4Savannah efforts and have been uplifting to our family, expressed their support, and continue to be Savannah's voice.

With limited time now to raise the money required for Savannah's father and myself (grandmother)- both disabled - to attend this trial, we appeal to the public to shift focus to raising awareness and support for donations to allow us to witness the Justice Savannah so deserves. We ask that fundraising efforts be directed through using the "MAKE A DONATION" then "FAMILY DONATION" link. 

The trial is expected to be 3-4 weeks in duration, with 30 days between conviction and sentencing, making our fundraising goal $35K minimum. Anticipated length of stay is 45 -70 days. It's a mountain, but we can climb it together...with your participation and generous hearts. The family will use your donations for trail attendance expenses (not to include Jury Selection Process) and at their own discretion as trial related expenses arise.

**When donating via PayPal, please designate your donation as a GIFT so no fees will be deducted.**

$259.26 in fundraising each day for the next 135 days will accomplish our goal.

Thank you everyone.

Cathy Cross

Savannah's Grandmother