Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anonymous Target Ryan Reed Arrested for Alleged Molestation of Savannah Cross

Anonymous Target Ryan Reed Arrested for Alleged Molestation of Savannah Cross

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The Phoenix man who was temporarily cleared of murder and child-abuse charges in a 2-year-old girl's death was back in jail Thursday, after nearly two months of freedom.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Trent Crump tells New Times 27-year-old Ryan Reed was arrested Thursday night on two counts of child molestation.

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Reed and his wife, Allison Clement -- who ran an unlicensed babysitting service -- were arrested nearly a year ago after 2-year-old Savannah Cross died while in their care.

Police described heinous abuse suffered by Savannah, allegedly at the hands of Reed and Clement, as doctors told police the bruises on Savannah's body were "too many to count."

Court filings indicate the charges against Reed and Clement were dropped in late September as the Medical Examiner's Office was very slow to perform tests, and a deputy Maricopa County attorney assigned to the case repeatedly told the judge that these tests would be in any day -- which turned out to not be true. The charges were dismissed, but they can still be re-filed.

The dropping of charges 10 months later caused outrage among many people, including some people associated with Anonymous, a collective of Internet activists. The Anonymous activists started demanding justice for Savannah and even put together a campaign to put Savannah's mother, a former "exotic dancer," out of a job, as she had left her daughter in Reed in Clement's care 24 hours a day for weeks.

Court documents indicated Savannah sustained "extensive trauma to include deep tissue bruising, pattern bruising, swelling and abrasions from head to toe, front to back."
"These bruises appeared to be in different stages of healing, and could not have been caused by a single traumatic event," a probable-cause statement said.

Allison Clement and Ryan Reed
Reed admitted that he took to what he called "discipline" of Savannah, by smacking her and flicking her. According to court documents, Reed said he tripped and "stomped" the girl in the abdomen on one occasion, which apparently turned out to be the fatal blow.

"The victim immediately curled up with her arms around her abdomen and spent the rest of the evening in this posture," according to the probable-cause statement. "Reed said that he ultimately picked her up and placed her in her playpen that evening and heard her making groaning sounds throughout the night."

Reed and Clement didn't seek medical attention for Savannah until finding her unresponsive at their home, near 45th Street and Broadway Road, the next morning.

Police later discovered that Savannah had been sexually abused, too. And that's what has Reed back in jail.

"This [arrest] stems from the investigation into her death," Sergeant Crump says. "He has not been charged with her death."

A court spokesman didn't get back to us to confirm the details, but when a person in Arizona's charged with molesting someone under the age of 15, they're usually jailed without bond. We'll update this post when we hear back.

UPDATE 1:40 p.m.: Court documents indicate that Reed is indeed being held without bond.

Documents cite specific DNA evidence and injuries to Savannah to support the molestation charges. Although it's not related to these charges, the court documents also indicate that the medical examiner's testing revealed "critically elevated levels of methamphetamine" in Savannah's system.

Reed declined to speak with police when he was arrested at his grandparents' Glendale home Thursday night.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

As of November 27, Ryan Reed has been re-arrested on child molestation charges. Additional charges, as will as charges for Allison Clement, are pending.

Savannah's family and CPS case worker(s) are asking all supporters in the Phoenix area to attend the Preliminary hearing and all subsequent monthly hearings in support of little Savannah. Savannah's Father and Grandmother are geographically distanced in excess of 1000 miles and cannot afford to appear for these hearings that lead up to the trial. Typically, these hearings last 10-30 minutes. Savannah's Mother may or may not be in attendance.

Preliminary Hearing will be as follows:

Preliminary Hearing December 09, 2013 at 08:30 AM at South Court Tower, 175 W. Madison Street, 3rd Floor, Phoenix,AZ, 85003-2243 Courtroom: 3A Docket: RCCT1

Future hearing dates will be announced at the conclusion of Preliminary Hearing.

All support greatly appreciated.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

    Anonymous Operation Justice4Savannah
    Press Release 2
    November 7, 2013
    Greetings. We are Anonymous.
    On October 11, 2013 Anonymous informed the local and national media of our involvement in the case of Savannah Cross, age 2, raped and murdered in the Phoenix, Arizona area. As of this writing her killers remain free due to the inefficiency of the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's office and her equally culpable mother continues to provide medical "care" for our Nation's veterans due to the uncaring bureaucracy of the Phoenix VA Hospital.
    Enough is enough.
    To the media of Maricopa County, the state of Arizona, the United States, and the world, you can not continue to ignore this. This is a child in your community, a child in your city, a child in our country. If you don't stand up for her, then who will? If not now, then when? There is nothing more important than seeking justice for an abused and murdered child. Step up to the plate and bring this horrendous story the attention it deserves.
    Anonymous reiterates our demand that the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office stop playing budget politics with this case and get your job done so the County Attorney can re-file charges forthwith. You have had more than enough time. If the lab is the problem, then get on the telephone and fix the problem. Your seeming ineptitude is criminal in its own right.
    Phoenix VA Hospital, you have had more than enough time to remove Ashley Dattoli Livengood from your employ. Indeed, she is not even a full-time employee and Arizona is a "right to work" state. You need prove no misconduct to terminate her employment. Our Nation's veterans deserve far better than to be "cared" for by this uncaring monster who reportedly told co-workers she would "see her when I see her" regarding Savannah. At this time you have 7 days to terminate her employment or we will begin directly contacting veteran's and military groups in your area. If you want protests on your campus, continue to ignore this demand. We will not ask again.
    Anonymous wishes to again state that we fully support the actions of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Phoenix Police Homicide Division, all first responders, and the Maricopa County Attorney's office in this case. We thank you for doing your jobs. We again demand that others do theirs.
    That is all.
    OpJustice4Savannah continues to be engaged.
    We Are Anonymous.
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.
    Email Contact:
    Twitter Contact: @Op4Savannah / #OpJustice4Savannah