Monday, December 9, 2013

BREAKING: Medical Examiner

#OpJustice4Savannah #DeadlyDayCare Medical Examiner's autopsy report report is now complete and available to the public. You must call the ME office and request a form, pay a fee and it can be mailed to you.Manner of Death: Homicide

Cause of Death:

1. Multiple Traumatic Injuries
2. Acute Methamphetamine and Diphenhydramine exposure
3. Dehydration

Today's hearing was vacated due to Grand Jury Indictment of Ryan Reed on December 6, 2013 where he was charged with the following:

F2 - Sexual conduct with a Minor
F4 - Child Abuse

Defendant has been notified of the charges and has had his NG arraignment.

There is a Supervening Grand Jury Indictment now pending and is expected to be complete within the next 14 days to include Allison Clement.

New Prosecutor: Frankie Grimmsman (was 1st prosecutor on old case - she got transferred to sex crimes division mid-case which led to her transferring old case to M. Gilla). Grimmsman is very familiar with case background and will likely be assigned as permanent Prosecutor.

NOTE: Current Indictment is Temporary in order to hold him un-bondable. More severe charges pending Conference with lab techs, ME, Investigators and experts this Thursday. Murder 1 is likely with life w/out parole. (Family is OK with that).

With the Medical Examiner Report now complete, once Supervening Indictment is handed down in the next 2 weeks, there will be no known reason to delay trial outside of normal expected Motions by the Defense. By default, the case will be classified as COMPLEX with a 270 Trial Deadline from date of initial arraignment. The trial will likely begin in half that time, as all evidence needed to secure conviction is now complete.

The Cross family would like to thank The Phoenix Police Homicide Division, CPS Offices of Julie Favilla and Dr. Kathy Coffman, The First Responders that initially cared for Savannah, my #CraigyFerg pals here on Twitter, the old schoolmates who have been and continue to be verbally supportive of our family during this difficult time and last, but certainly not least of all, the generous activism of the collective known as#Anonymous who have been dedicated to #Justice4Savannah through their #OpJustice4Savannah efforts and have been uplifting to our family, expressed their support, and continue to be Savannah's voice.

With limited time now to raise the money required for Savannah's father and myself (grandmother)- both disabled - to attend this trial, we appeal to the public to shift focus to raising awareness and support for donations to allow us to witness the Justice Savannah so deserves. We ask that fundraising efforts be directed through using the "MAKE A DONATION" then "FAMILY DONATION" link. 

The trial is expected to be 3-4 weeks in duration, with 30 days between conviction and sentencing, making our fundraising goal $35K minimum. Anticipated length of stay is 45 -70 days. It's a mountain, but we can climb it together...with your participation and generous hearts. The family will use your donations for trail attendance expenses (not to include Jury Selection Process) and at their own discretion as trial related expenses arise.

**When donating via PayPal, please designate your donation as a GIFT so no fees will be deducted.**

$259.26 in fundraising each day for the next 135 days will accomplish our goal.

Thank you everyone.

Cathy Cross

Savannah's Grandmother

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Anonymous Target Ryan Reed Arrested for Alleged Molestation of Savannah Cross

Anonymous Target Ryan Reed Arrested for Alleged Molestation of Savannah Cross

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Mendoza en la Web via Flickr

The Phoenix man who was temporarily cleared of murder and child-abuse charges in a 2-year-old girl's death was back in jail Thursday, after nearly two months of freedom.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Trent Crump tells New Times 27-year-old Ryan Reed was arrested Thursday night on two counts of child molestation.

See also:
-Phoenix Babysitters Arrested After Child With "Too Many [Bruises] to Count" Dies
-Anonymous Seeking Justice After Charges Dropped in Brutal Killing of 2-Year-Old

Reed and his wife, Allison Clement -- who ran an unlicensed babysitting service -- were arrested nearly a year ago after 2-year-old Savannah Cross died while in their care.

Police described heinous abuse suffered by Savannah, allegedly at the hands of Reed and Clement, as doctors told police the bruises on Savannah's body were "too many to count."

Court filings indicate the charges against Reed and Clement were dropped in late September as the Medical Examiner's Office was very slow to perform tests, and a deputy Maricopa County attorney assigned to the case repeatedly told the judge that these tests would be in any day -- which turned out to not be true. The charges were dismissed, but they can still be re-filed.

The dropping of charges 10 months later caused outrage among many people, including some people associated with Anonymous, a collective of Internet activists. The Anonymous activists started demanding justice for Savannah and even put together a campaign to put Savannah's mother, a former "exotic dancer," out of a job, as she had left her daughter in Reed in Clement's care 24 hours a day for weeks.

Court documents indicated Savannah sustained "extensive trauma to include deep tissue bruising, pattern bruising, swelling and abrasions from head to toe, front to back."
"These bruises appeared to be in different stages of healing, and could not have been caused by a single traumatic event," a probable-cause statement said.

Allison Clement and Ryan Reed
Reed admitted that he took to what he called "discipline" of Savannah, by smacking her and flicking her. According to court documents, Reed said he tripped and "stomped" the girl in the abdomen on one occasion, which apparently turned out to be the fatal blow.

"The victim immediately curled up with her arms around her abdomen and spent the rest of the evening in this posture," according to the probable-cause statement. "Reed said that he ultimately picked her up and placed her in her playpen that evening and heard her making groaning sounds throughout the night."

Reed and Clement didn't seek medical attention for Savannah until finding her unresponsive at their home, near 45th Street and Broadway Road, the next morning.

Police later discovered that Savannah had been sexually abused, too. And that's what has Reed back in jail.

"This [arrest] stems from the investigation into her death," Sergeant Crump says. "He has not been charged with her death."

A court spokesman didn't get back to us to confirm the details, but when a person in Arizona's charged with molesting someone under the age of 15, they're usually jailed without bond. We'll update this post when we hear back.

UPDATE 1:40 p.m.: Court documents indicate that Reed is indeed being held without bond.

Documents cite specific DNA evidence and injuries to Savannah to support the molestation charges. Although it's not related to these charges, the court documents also indicate that the medical examiner's testing revealed "critically elevated levels of methamphetamine" in Savannah's system.

Reed declined to speak with police when he was arrested at his grandparents' Glendale home Thursday night.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

As of November 27, Ryan Reed has been re-arrested on child molestation charges. Additional charges, as will as charges for Allison Clement, are pending.

Savannah's family and CPS case worker(s) are asking all supporters in the Phoenix area to attend the Preliminary hearing and all subsequent monthly hearings in support of little Savannah. Savannah's Father and Grandmother are geographically distanced in excess of 1000 miles and cannot afford to appear for these hearings that lead up to the trial. Typically, these hearings last 10-30 minutes. Savannah's Mother may or may not be in attendance.

Preliminary Hearing will be as follows:

Preliminary Hearing December 09, 2013 at 08:30 AM at South Court Tower, 175 W. Madison Street, 3rd Floor, Phoenix,AZ, 85003-2243 Courtroom: 3A Docket: RCCT1

Future hearing dates will be announced at the conclusion of Preliminary Hearing.

All support greatly appreciated.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

    Anonymous Operation Justice4Savannah
    Press Release 2
    November 7, 2013
    Greetings. We are Anonymous.
    On October 11, 2013 Anonymous informed the local and national media of our involvement in the case of Savannah Cross, age 2, raped and murdered in the Phoenix, Arizona area. As of this writing her killers remain free due to the inefficiency of the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's office and her equally culpable mother continues to provide medical "care" for our Nation's veterans due to the uncaring bureaucracy of the Phoenix VA Hospital.
    Enough is enough.
    To the media of Maricopa County, the state of Arizona, the United States, and the world, you can not continue to ignore this. This is a child in your community, a child in your city, a child in our country. If you don't stand up for her, then who will? If not now, then when? There is nothing more important than seeking justice for an abused and murdered child. Step up to the plate and bring this horrendous story the attention it deserves.
    Anonymous reiterates our demand that the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office stop playing budget politics with this case and get your job done so the County Attorney can re-file charges forthwith. You have had more than enough time. If the lab is the problem, then get on the telephone and fix the problem. Your seeming ineptitude is criminal in its own right.
    Phoenix VA Hospital, you have had more than enough time to remove Ashley Dattoli Livengood from your employ. Indeed, she is not even a full-time employee and Arizona is a "right to work" state. You need prove no misconduct to terminate her employment. Our Nation's veterans deserve far better than to be "cared" for by this uncaring monster who reportedly told co-workers she would "see her when I see her" regarding Savannah. At this time you have 7 days to terminate her employment or we will begin directly contacting veteran's and military groups in your area. If you want protests on your campus, continue to ignore this demand. We will not ask again.
    Anonymous wishes to again state that we fully support the actions of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Phoenix Police Homicide Division, all first responders, and the Maricopa County Attorney's office in this case. We thank you for doing your jobs. We again demand that others do theirs.
    That is all.
    OpJustice4Savannah continues to be engaged.
    We Are Anonymous.
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.
    Email Contact:
    Twitter Contact: @Op4Savannah / #OpJustice4Savannah

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ryan Reed and Allison Clement Address

Allison Ann Clement
Ryan Reed

Phone Number
(480) 306-1938

Current Address
Southern Manor Apartments
525 W Southern Ave, Apt 205
Tempe, AZ 85282

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Customer Service Manager at Walmart Mckinney - Mckinney Ranch Pkwy

Sylvia De Los Santos

Jeff Currier

Suzanne Stimma Tessaglia
Providence, Rhode Island

Michelle Savoie
Owner at Empty Spaces photography and glass works

Patricia Hays
Seaside High School

TwinsPizza Ri
North Providence, Rhode Island

Sandie Yniguez Tobias
E.L.A., Rio Hondo

Lucille Russo

Jason Stevens
Truck Driver at E&B Bulk Transportation

Linda Garnett

Brenard Sr Rowe
Rhode Island College

Elizabeth N Rich Flores
Fort Morgan High School

Dominic Munoz
EVS-Housekeeping at Banner Thunderbird

William Schafer
Northwest High School

Cyndi Lou Orona Garcia

Matthew Lengyel

Marlon Price
Philadelphia High School

Freddie De Los Santos
Input And Tracking Specialist at AZ Patio Heaters

Victoria Marie Nuanes

Gary Alvarado

Kathy Thiessen
Site Supervisor at City of Phoenix, Arizona

Deb Kintzing

Nga Le
Broker/Owner at Exit Realty The New Generation

Jesus Esteban Jr Martinez
Works at Phoenix World Outreach

Pamela Jeffrey

Pamela Monroe
Ponaganset High School

Andrea Monique Hernandez

Patte Brown

Rebecca Mancini
Rhode Island College

Jeff Franklin
Works at We [̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅] Mafia Wars

Cruz De Los Santos
Trident Security Office at Pheonix Childrens Hospital

Joshua Adams
Works at K2 Electric

Daniel West
Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Rita Valcorba
Senior Mortgage Loan Officer at Prospect Mortgage

George Calderon
Servant at Phoenix World Outreach

Leekeeta Cleary
Customer Service at Speedway

Stand Up Be Heard
Kaplan University Online

Grandons Arabians
Works at Grandon's Equestrian Center

Royal Newborn
Mt. San Jacinto College

Emilia Martinelli
CCRI Lincoln, RI

AZ Frankie Garcia
Glendale Community College

Mike Franco
Mixer at Holsum Bakery

Sereena Valdez

Robert Oakley
William M. Davies High School

Sylvia Williamson
Phoenix First Pastors College

Katie Dattoli
Pennsylvania State University

Henry Smalley
Works at Harolds sons transmissions llc

Selena Maturo
Glendale, Arizona

Robert Fusco
Zion Bible College

Analicia Rodriguez

Ngaire Parker
St. Annes Catholic School

Anthony Minuto
Johnson & Wales University

LifeLine Pwo
Phoenix, Arizona

Joan Malark

Joe Dattoli
Works at Safety Kleen

Angelina Arbizu
Front Office Administrator at Phoenix World Outreach

Ann Palmisciano
Mortgage Specialist at Rhode Island Housing

Nestor Chucho Canales
Westwood College: School of Criminal Justice

Paula Dorsey Thomas
Cobb Avenue Senior High

Victor Lopez
Owner at House painter and decorator

Anne Oakley

Sally Pires
Weston High School

Speaking Tee's

Shane Morris
Works at Phoenix World Outreach

Tomi Medina

Custom Craft Ice

Desteny Ivette Maldonado
Sales Associate at Ocean State Job Lot

Tracy Petrarca-Petrella
Pilgrim High School

Phoenix DreamCenter
Works at City Help Inc. of Phoenix, dba The Phoenix Dream Center

Gina Merlino
Pompano Beach, Florida

Sally Pires
Weston High School, Massachusetts

Maximus Tufano
Works at Chasing balls and eating cookies

Hemet Christian Assembly
Hemet, California

PentecostalChurches Globalgroup
Jesus Christ

Joanne Bonollo
Works at K2 Partnering

TeamAngie Miller

Heart-of Hope

Chaplain Susan Flanders Stano

Keith Smith
Providence College

Malik Holland

Douglas Patullo
North Providence High School

Ashley Dattoli Livengood Facebook Friends

Chris Richards
Foam cut at Atlas Box & Crating

Mandi Marie
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Whitney Foss
Fixin' your cable ;) at Convergys

Savarra Valdez
Department Manager atMcDonald's

Crystal Lyn Ramer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sharon Imperiale

Theresa Kraus

Annie Dattoli
North Providence, Rhode Island

Sarrah Marie Edwards-Roberts

Nikki Lynn Clothey

Ashley Rose Dunning

Nikkie Bachmeier
Veterinary Technology Program of Globe University- Eau Claire Campus

Spence N Tristina W
GySgt 1371 Combat Engineer / Plus Size Model at Marines

Patrick Dorcey
Works at Taco Bell

RaLuca ScottsdaleNights

Kaylin Covellone
Works at It Works Global

Giana Martinelli
Works at Ptsd

Heather Roe

Shawn Francescangeli
Mechanic and Driver at Satanic mechanic motorsports

Kayla Elizabeth
College America

Deacon Alexander Mitchell
Bucks CCC

Shannon Hoffman Nelson
CEO & Founder at International Business Broker & Industry Leader

Usmc PregoWives
Works at House wife full time

Jeffrey Costa
Police Officer at Marine Corps Civilian Police Deparment

Kori Jennifer
Temple University

Savanna Rossi
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Aj Decker

Autumn Mitchell
Phoenix, Arizona

Cory Michalski
Dj at Sugar 44

Kyliez Kreationz

Colleen Foughty Wick
Adjunct Faculty at College America

Sean Pembroke
Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Ryan Sugar
Doggystyle at Sugar 44

Carrie Mcclure

Nancey Gordon
Clarksville, Tennessee

Rebecca Doyle
Driver/Mover at Mayflower Moving

Jessica Collins
Cleaning Crew at Taylor's Cleaning Service

William May
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Stephen Dorman
Senior Account Manager at IT1 Source

Andrea Kellner
Coastal carolina community college

Kim Dewald Duffy

Aaron Justin Hasley
Machine Operator at METALEX

Fox Club
Works at The Fox Gentlemen's club

Angel Oakley
Program director, Instructor, Fighter at Burke's Martial Arts

Berger Pike

Desi Dattoli

Joe Taylor
Works at Rehkemper & Sons

Danica Wooding
Maricopa Beauty College

Dino Russo

Chris Race
Dj at Cheerleaders Gentleman's Club

Sarah Marie Nollola
Aurora, Colorado

Jeff Jumper
Pennsylvania State University

Jessica Tamm
Works at Disabled Veteran

Her Diamonds His Dogtags

Shaun Jones
Machine Operator at Sun Products (work)

Brittany Burkett Huckabee

Carlos Cj Acosta
DJ at Hiliter Gentlemens Club

Raven Fremgen
Pender High

John Kubik

Courtney Deann Bruecher

Julie Howard
Penn Foster

Bryce Ramey
Owner at Job In a Snap

Maria Christina Renee Carrasco
Dispatcher at Georgia Department of Public Saftey

Kallie Haedrich
Mommy at I am a proud stay at home mommy:)

Judy Haines Martinelli
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Thomas Finnegan
Ft. Gordon Signal Center

Hero Heart
Supporter at American Soldiers, Marines, Veterans, & their families

Coco Macosha Hendrix-Hammonds

Robert Vaserberg

Lindsay Dexter
Smithfield High School

Chad Bertrand

Becky Savoie
Sales Representative at Avon Independent Sales Representative

Rockin Out Joslin
Full time babysitter at In Home Daycare

Craig Brown
American InterContinental University Online

Rosalinda Gonzalez

Kayla Henry
Coastal Carolina Community College

Todd Fay Jr
Rumney, New Hampshire

Till They-Come Home

Jasmyn Chavez

Courtney Bolin
Promotor at Lose Weight Fast with Visalus and Javita

Laura Hirmas
Roger Williams

Ally Lovve

Gina Russo
Founder at Broken Chains Ministries / Founder Pastor Gina Russo

Ron Kesling
Northeast Catholic High School

Rachel Country-Graves
Lube Technician at Auto Brite

Donna Rathbun

Shane Michael Moore
Florida State University

Recruited ByLove
Honolulu, Hawaii

Eric Crawford
Alton, Illinois

Ashley Benner
Cashier at Friendship Food Stores

Dominic Munoz
EVS-Housekeeping at Banner Thunderbird

Aaron Justin Hasley

Megan Long
Cashier at Target

Miranda Diamond Stansbury
Director at Scentsy Fragrance

Cyndy Overdeep
East Providence High

MilitaryLove Hooah

Maurice Chavez
Southern Arizona Bible College

Amber Quantz
Works at Securitas

Daryl Roskos
Dj at Cheerleaders Philadelphia

Candy Castro
Phoenix, Arizona

Ashley Tate

MilitaryHas MyHeart
Proud Wife at United States Army

Tom Rico
Trinity Christian Academy

Allyson Galpin Hernandez
Loyola New Orleans

Becca Leigh

Milly Homefront
Works at USMC WIFE

Hearts Divided
Works at Home Mom & Military Wife

Stephine L King

ASailorhas MyHeart
University of Phoenix

Ari Elitte
Works at Making Money Is All I Know

Lynn Thomas-Cereby
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ashlee Branstetter

James Myles Maguire
Works at A large International company!

Sky Wren

Kristopher Krispy Torrey

Suzie A Krelle
Co Owner at Tony's Lawn and Yard Care

Victoria Elizabeth

Hooah Honey
Fort Carson, Colorado

Truemilitarylove Allbranches
Works at Scentsy By Kate

Ann Bloom
Kankakee Community College

Matt Kinson
Council Rock High School

Michael Madden
Bristol Junior - Senior High School

Maria Ann Phillips
Universal Technical Institute

Judi NJeff Francis
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Alyssa Michelle Thomas

Bethany Campbell Remillard
Works at Stay at home mom and wife

Richard A Rice
University of Arizona

Patrick J. Collins
General Laborer at Laborers' International Union of North America

Devan Kugel
Danielson, Connecticut

Jacqi Wolfrom
BDC at Palm AutoMall

Emily Griswold
Calcutta, India

Christel D'Agostino
Founder at Healing PTSD Trauma / Universal Vibrational Therapy

Ashley Elmore

Stephanie Carnevale
Kindergarten Teacher at Trinity Christian Academy

Angel Rivera
UNC Wilmington

Kristen Gallagher
Washington, District of Columbia

Denisa Williams

Marcy Luz Alvarado
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Gretchen Baker
Owner at The Creative Chick Designs

Kaitlyn A Skeeters
Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) atUnited States Army

Magdiel Turnbow

Ashleigh J MacDonald Graham

Nick DeFinis
Neshaminy High School

Jessica Ziomkowski
American InterContinental University

Emily Oakley

TheOther Side OfWar
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Maleeka Danae Palmisciano

Aaron M. Fazio-Rathbun

Dominic Pipito III
Owner at Karma Hair Studio

Steve Archibald
Needham High School

Stephanie Sargent
Keene, New Hampshire

Alicia Monroe
CCRI Lincoln, RI

Ben Nollola
Denver, Colorado

Elizabeth L Cleveland
Eastern Oregon University

Adam Turkel
Sheepshead Bay High School

Rose M. Chavez
Phoenix, Arizona

Raouf Ibrahim

Amber C Thompson
Momence, Illinois

Steven Grove
Works at Diamond Resorts International

Edward R Wisby
Abbeville High School

Janie Baker
Newport, Rhode Island

Jamie Galloway-Hardcastle
Glendale, Arizona

Stars Stripes
Washington, District of Columbia

Stephanie Gabriela Mejia
Outreach Programs at Rhode Island College

Wes Bolin
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Sarah Hamilton

Tyler Toliver

Emilia Martinelli
Providence, Rhode Island

Heather Lynn Baker

Jane SemperFi
Works at Stay at home Mom and Marine Wife!

Tajh Hetrick
CAD Designer at CAD Designer

Cyndy Overdeep
East Providence High

Karen Sarah Dattoli

Gina Zarli
Harris school of business

Josh Passarelli
Trinity Christian Academy

DeMarcus McLain QTip
Bakery/Deli at Kroger

Matt Duran
Phoenix, Arizona

Ray Torres
Everest College

Run ForFreedom

GA Rojas
Sunnyvale, California

Katelyn Hickman-Balli
Instructor at Bucks Gymnastics Center II Inc

Jamie Towle
Works at Babies "R" Us

Nicole Brown
Sergeant at United States Army

Jennifer Juhnke
Southwest High School

Pompous-American Thomas
The University of Alabama

Dennis Win
Baker College of Owosso, MI

Robin Redding

William Stewart
Works at Can you SHUT THE FUCK UP! You're getting on my nerves!

Nikki Evans

Arthur Derrick Huckabee
Coffeeville High School

Glenn Alvarado
Trinity Christian Academy

Eva Cochran

Aaron N Natasha Mcpherson
Wire Dog at United States Marine Corps

Military-Discounts Savings

Usmc Care Packages
Works at United States Marine Corp

Military Issued Love
Works at US Military Spouse

Jeff Currier

Misses Mil Spouse
Kaneohe, Hawaii

Saudia Battle
Jacksonville, Florida

Megan Marie Owens
Bucks CCC

Gary Alvarado

Tammy Creager
Pine Forest High

Armywife Forlife
Wife & Mommy at Army wife and military mom

Erika Camarena

Myheart Deployed
Fort Lewis, Washington

Our Fallen Soldierr
Carlsbad, California

Usmc Heart
Savannah, Georgia

Linda Peterson Goulet
Fitchburg State College

Silents Ranks
Owner-Operator at Silent Ranks Cafepress

Let's Vent

Victoria Marie Nuanes

Robin Crawford
Holley Senior High School

Michael Hitt
Waco, Texas

Mil Girlies
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Ashley Tobias
Model at Drop Dead Photography

Faithful Marine Hearts
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Brandy Brown
Oceanside, California

Holly Offenberger

Dana Laflin Boggs
Shift Manager at McDonald's

Henry Smalley
Works at Harolds sons transmissions llc

Whatsthegood Ingoodbye
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Older Marine Wives

Coming Home Videos
Los Angeles, California

Telling'ourSemper Fi LoveStory
As we tell out military love stories :) at Telling Our Semper Fi Love Story

Proud-Military Wives

Military Spouses
Colonial Heights, Virginia

Gus' Bar
School of Hard Knocks

Rockin' TheCord
Works at Rockin' The Cord- Military Style

ApartMaybe Indistance
Works at U.S. Army Wife

Usmc Hearts
Oceanside, California

Marine Marine Girlfriends

Bibbidi Bobbidi Princess Bowtique
California State University, Sacramento

Honor Fallen
Works at US Military Spouse

ProudlyServing Standbymyman

Military Wives
Works at US Military Spouse

Any Color Dogtags
Works at U.S. Army Wife

Marine Moms
Denver, Colorado

Thefewtheproud Onlywivesallowed
Twentynine Palms, California

Selena Maturo
Glendale, Arizona

Christen's Bags
Tyler Junior College

Eric Bezek
Security at The Realm of Terror Haunted House

Coming Home

CreatingSmiles FromHome
Owner at Creating smiles from home

Hooyah Honey
Jacksonville, Florida

Adopt A-Soldier
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Elisha Medrano
Owner at Cammie Couture

TheWomen LeftBehind

Itsjust Anotherboutique
Works at Owners/Operators

Combatboots Andflipflops

Military Hearts

Military Love
Centura College

Usmc Devilcats
Kaneohe, Hawaii

Military Superheroes
Works at US Military Spouse

Military Sweeties
Mardela Middle & High

Military-Broke My-Heart
Broadneck Senior High

WaitingFor OurHeros

Loving Military

NotSo SilentRank

UsmcDevil DogsGirl
Works at United States Marine Corps Girlfriend <3

Camo Heels Hooah

Hearts Behind Dogtags
Cashier at Walmart

IwearHis Ring NotHis Rank
Fort Gordon, Georgia

Pinkzebra Stripesandcamo

Militaryloveframes Mod
San Diego, California

Hooah Kinda Love
American schooling

Militaryproof Love
Amarillo College

Marine Loved Ones
Wife at United States Marine Corps

Military Wives
Works at United States Coast Guard

Bowpeep Bowtique

CombatBoots AndPrincesses

Jade Bos

Military Care Packages

SemperFi KindaWife
Oceanside, California

Military Strength
Creater at Online Support

Defeating Deployment

Militaryfamily Theonesleftbehind
Keene, New Hampshire

AlwaysStand Proud
Keene, New Hampshire

Vanessa Bolton

DogTags Insteadof Pearls
Kinston, North Carolina

EpicArmy Wives
Wahiawa, Hawaii

Stand Up Be Heard
Kaplan University Online

Military Cribss
Oceanside, California

Cynthia Rodriguez

Emilia Martinelli
CCRI Lincoln, RI

Kellie Berry
Director at Equifax

Lovenomatter Whatbranch
Works at United States Army

ArmyIssued Love
Muskegon Community College

UnitedSweethearts OfAmerica

Love Mysoldier

Military CraftsAnd Videos
Works at U.S. Army Wife

Strong Proud

UsMc Gurls
Works at United States Marine Girlfriend

Happy Homefront

Werenotfriends WereFamily
Works at Full Time Army Girlfriend

Tiny Troops

Myheart Isdeployed
Works at Marine Wife, Toughest Job in the Corp

BehindourMen NowandForever
Works at The U.S. Army

Gifts N Moore
Craft and art manager :) at Self Employed and Loving It!

Mike Sugar
DJing at Sugar 44

Ashley Itworks Smelcer
Independent Distributor at It Works Global

Oorah Kiss
Wives, Girlfriends, & Fiances atUSMC

Our Love Conquers

Jamie Burger
Swansboro High School

Bravewomen Forevenbravermarines
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Prideful Wives

GIjoe Stole MyHeart
Works at US Military Wife

Usmc Angels
Fiance/Wife at USMC

Michael Trudel

Angie Dominguez
Angelino Heights

Cassandra M Gately
Adult Learning Center Middletown RI

Love Our Troops

MilitaryWay OfLife
Works at Military Wife

DogtagsAnd Combat Boots
Works at Proud Army Wife

NavyWives StayinStrong
Holding the fort down while he's gone at Stay at home mom and Navy wife

Sarah Paul
Chamberlain College of Nursing

Crochet Hats N Stuff
BCC Student Activities

Nikki Araiza
Works at Mom

Andrea Schultz
Oak Harbor, Ohio

Amy Oakley
Community College of Rhode Island

Jan Lewis
Works at I Love Being a Mom

Sidney Goodman
Colorado State University

Maria Hernandez

Jamie Cox-towle
Brandon, Florida